Hollywood celeb Lindsay Lohan has now grabbed eyeballs with ‘Shhh…’ tattoo on her index finger. However, this fad of finger tattoos is not just confined to celebrities; in fact, youth the world over now almost hooked on to this trend of inking finger tattoos.

Short and sweet: 

Against all odds and established trends of inking big tattoos or getting inked on the part not physically visible the youngsters prefer fingers for inking small and simple tattoos which can be hidden or flaunted as per their choice.

finger tattooFinger tattoos are fast becoming alternatives of engagement rings among the youth. So, the trend of adorning the ring finger with a tattoo of beau’s name is also very common among the city couples.

“Rings can be changed, feelings can’t” and so it’s easy to avoid wearing rings. A tattoo artist said, “I mostly get unmarried or just married young couples, who age between 20-25 years, coming for finger tattoos”.

finger-tattoosCreative challenge: 

“It’s a very challenging task to create a tattoo on such a small space. And because fingers have a thin layer of skin, getting tattooed there is a painful process as well. When a customer inks their name, it’s easier. But a tattoo with designs like a tiger or a phoenix, I need to pay extra attention,” said a tattoo artist.

“When it comes to tattooing on a finger, I use fine needles of one or three round liner size. Strokes of the tattoo machine are short and the frequency is always kept low,” he added.

There are many famous celebrities youth loves to get finger tattoos with their names including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Osbourne, Lilly Allen, Lee Michele, ​Paul Mc Donald, and Cara Delevigne.