LLeft Shark TattooSunday’s Super Bowl halftime show with Katy Perry and foam shark dancing to her left and right won the day this weekend.

 Because this is the world we live in now, #LeftShark was trending on Twitter as soon as his off-beat antics appeared on the TV. He was a meme by morning. And first thing Monday, he was a tattoo.

A 36-year-old man named Matty Clark actually got a tattoo of Left Shark the very next afternoon. Sure, it sounds crazy.

Meme tattoos are almost never a good idea, because memes are not known for being long-lived. But somehow Clark makes his Left Shark tattoo make sense.

“Well, I earned the nickname Matty Shark a few years ago at a music festival,” he told “when I had had a few too many and started biting my friends and yelling, ‘I’m Matty Shark, bitch!’”

 Clark might be a bit impulsive, and thanks to his nickname, Clark already had a few shark tattoos before Left Shark was even in rehearsals.

Clark also seems like the kind of person who sees the best in every situation. When he first saw the sharks during Katy Perry’s performance, rather than notice Left Shark’s failure, he thought, “Man, Right Shark is nailing it.” And he has a pretty reasonable perspective on how this wacky meme tattoo will age:

“In 20 years he’ll probably be just another shark, and that’s fine. People are like, ‘Why get a tattoo of this stupid meme?’ And I just think, at the end of the day, it’s still pretty sweet. I have a tattoo of Tim Tebow Tebow-ing on my other ankle, so left shark is completely in my wheelhouse. I do have nice artwork on me, but a couple of party tattoos never hurt anyone.”

You may have forgotten about Left Shark in a couple months, but Clark will remember it forever and now he’s got a good story to tell.