tattoos-01The times that are a changing and the so called stigma attached to tattoos is now getting dust. Half a century back those ones with tattoos used to be the sailors or the hoodlums by and large and society never gained enough courage to embrace them with open hearts. The higher echelons of the society never accepted tattoos as a body decoration idea or perception.

Tattoos are almost permanent marks on the human body and therefore the mass acceptance always remained an elusive concept. A person with tattoos would not enjoy higher status in the society. But things are revolving fast and the wheel of time has brought in tattoos in prominence and acceptance at least among the stars and celebrities across the globe.

tattoos-02Having a tattoo on body still differentiate a person from the rest ones around but the  level of general acceptance is now increasing exponentially. “It has become a “don’t ask, don’t tell” type of policy meaning that if you have tattoos, it’s okay as long as they are not visible (mainly pertaining to the workplace). It is because mainstream society has begun to accept it that the fad of tattooing has become rampant”.

tattoos-03A tattoo should be considered as an  artful form of self-expression. However, just getting a tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo is absurd.

A tattoo is personal and will always be there; to get one for fashion could be a cause but again that may or may not sustain during the time. Tattoos should always be a form of self-expression.