49er tattoos-1As the Super Bowl XLVII is approaching fast the diehard of the San Francisco 49ers are aching to complete their quest for six titles. The hardcore fans get team-tattoos inked on their bodies.

The 49ers fever is growing hot in the Bay Area that a local tattoo parlor has an offer for die-hard fans: Want a 49ers-themed tattoo? Only $49 this Friday and Saturday.

The tattoos can’t be bigger than palm-size and for the diehard fans it is a dream-deal . Team tattoos are a way to prove the diehard fan’s dedication.

From Castro Valley, California,Kurt Hanson has a 49ers tattoo on his left arm. ” I got this tattoo about four years ago, much to the chagrin of wife. It just shows that my love of the Niners is more than skin-deep,” said Hanson.

Diego Hernandez lives in San Rafael, California, described his tattoo as a “49ers bat signal above the city” with a view of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline. “Which tattoo to get was a big choice, but I’m glad I got one which displayed both the city and the 49ers logo,” Hernandez said.

Rory Nelson in Pittsburg, California has followed the Niners religiously since the age of 10 and his 49ers tattoo is on forearm with red text emerging beneath sinew and muscle. “I’ve got red and gold running through my veins, so getting a tattoo proving it was the next logical step. I’m probably gonna get another one on my other arm after we take down the Ravens.”

49er tattoos-249er tattoos-3A 49ers diehard fan in San Francisco, Josh Campos said, “a Kaepernick tattoo would be pretty sweet if he brings home the title.” Michael Scarsella, from the Bay Area waited for his tattoo until he found his real team.

Tattoos are a lifelong commitment, but for die-hard fans, they’re always the right decision.