The ACM New Artist of the Year nominee Brantley Gilbert  already has at least three tattoos, including one on his left arm that has a skull in it, one on his rib cage and one between his shoulder blades.

This time the ‘Kick It In the Sticks’ singer is sporting some new ink, and it looks like it might become a sleeve all the way up his left forearm, though we can’t see in this photo if it wraps all the way around his arm.

The new tattoo, which reads ‘Prodigal Son,’ also sports an emblem that’s a lower-case b and g mixed into one.

“Not finished yet, but here is a glimpse….”, Gilbert tweeted with a pic of his new tattoo on April 4th,2012.

Gilbert’s debut album, which he dropped in 2009, was called ‘Modern Day Prodigal Son’ and featured the title track ‘A Modern Day Prodigal Son’ about a wayward man reading the story of the prodigal son in the Bible and coming back.

The chorus culminates,

“Lord I’m a renegade, a rambler /

 I’ve squandered all I’ve owned /

a bonified runaway, I’m a gambler /

can’t count the lies I’ve told /

and I need redemption, how ’bout forgiveness /

and I pray for open arms, and be with me lord /

’cause I’m comin’ home, like a modern day prodigal son.”