Rihanna looks pretty fierce in her “Battleship” poster as always. This femme fatale is getting her action hero on.

The “Battleship Poster” features a tatted-up Rihanna holding a machine gun, her cropped black hair under a hat.

The poster is for the film’s international release and the taglines are all written in Italian, translating to roughly, “The Battle for Earth Will Happen on the Sea.”

For the fans of the pop star Rihanna such gun –shots may not be new. She played a sexy military leader in her “Hard” video, where she pranced around in military couture (most of which lacked pants), danced on military vehicles, wore a helmet that included Mickey Mouse ears and used sexy glances to command her militia.

 “Obviously she’s sexy, but she had this real intensity. I’m like, ‘Someone’s going to get her.’ “When I met with her, she came in a T-shirt and jeans, no makeup, very natural. She was like, ‘Look, I want to be an actress. Don’t kiss my ass. Don’t lie to me. Push me. Treat me as you would any other actor. Help make me good.’ She is really, really good in ‘Battleship:, says Director Peter Berg.