Lea Vendetta is an accomplished tattoo artist currently working at “A Stroke of Genius” in Boca Raton and one of twelve contestants on “Ink Master,” the first tattoo competition reality show.

Lea Vendetta , the Boynton Beach artist is not only one of the fresh faces in the bustling art district along West Industrial Avenue but she also works in Boca Raton as a tattoo artist and is one of the stars of the new Spike TV show “Ink Master.”

The show premieres 10 p.m. Jan. 17, bringing some celebrity limelight to Boynton Beach. Vendetta, who was born in France and moved here in the mid-1990s, said she has been painting since she was a little girl.

Vendetta started tattooing on herself and owned a shop in Boca Raton until 2007, when she sold it to travel and tattoo the world. Then, she moved to Key West after tattooing was legalized on the island a few years ago.

She began modeling, then tattooing at A Stroke of Genius Tattoos in Boca Raton. Vendetta has been published in magazines for about 20 years and she said that helped prepare her for what came next.

She said different themes like the history of tattooing were interlaced throughout the competition.

Dave Navarro of the rock group Jane’s Addiction is the host of the show with Chris Nunez from “Miami Ink” and tattoo artist Oliver Peck as the judges.