How many times have you heard the expression “I want to get a celebrity tattoo” or “I wish I were like Tila Tequila”?

Keen on being trendy, or you just idolize a famous person and tend to adopt his or her style, the tattoo represents an important step, bringing you closer to the one you try to be like. People tend to copy what they see in other persons, especially if they are big fans.

Celebrity tattoo designs have become an accessory that cannot be driven away from young people’s lives. Tattoo-designs and celtic tattoos are common with many stars and celebrities and are famous for their public apparitions, the ones working in the movie or music industry are competing between them, in order to look good and draw all the attention. Their choices for celtic tattoos designs represent probably the main marketing campaign of tattooing industry.

Though the existence of celtic tattoos is as old as spear battles are, it has become recognizable to anybody only after seen on television.

Having many patterns to choose from, usually people are tempted to copy something they have seen before and they liked very much. But why not be original and ink yourself something special?

Starting from the standard celebrity tattoo, you can get your own personalized model.

The best example for an authentic tattooed look is Kat Von D. Famous for her eccentric appearance, though she has some standard tattoo patterns, she chose wisely the places to ink them.

Moreover, if you are an open – minded person in search of some flexible ideas with arcane values, suggests you go for the celtic tattoos designs.

Lil Wayne is another example. Among many of his other tattoos, decided to transform his tear drop into a tribal symbol. Every of his designs have different meanings to him, advertising some TV channels as well.

Also, David Beckham has an amazing celtic cross tattoo on the back of his neck. For women, a chic example is Pamela Anderson who imprinted herself a nice tribal symbol tattoo on her arm.

Among the many celebrity tattoo designs, there are highly rated Marilyn Monroe’s face tattoo or TuPac tattoo. Kate Von D, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Megan Fox, are the other popular celebrities who tattooed the face or name of the person they most admired.

You can be cool and original with the proper information about celebrity tattoos. Another important matter is the place where you want your design to be made.

You can go for the arm, face, neck if you are a nonconformist person, or you can ink some body parts that can easily be hidden underneath clothes.