A newly concluded poll results revealed that Phoenix may just be the most tattooed city in the United States. Tampa, Houston, Atlanta, and Sacramento rounded off the top five.

Although it was simply an informal poll but the results are interesting and reveal new trends in tattooing. According to the latest numbers, Phoenix is at the top. Once in Phoenix, you may not be having a tattoo yourself, but chances are you know someone who does.

“There’s an old mentality that its only sailors and people that have been in prison who have tattoos. I think that’s changing a lot and in turn we’re doing a lot more tattoos,” says Jason Freeman, a tattoo artist who’s passionate about his work at the Golden Rule Tattoo Parlor in Phoenix.

Jason freeman further elaborates that tattoos are not for everybody- they’re just for a lot more people now than ever before.

Phoenix apparently has a lot of tattooed residents, topping Living Social’s list of most tattooed cities.

Across the globe the trend of getting tattooed is on rampant rise and the tattoo designs vary from the concepts of rebellion and personal expression, to bonding with siblings.The online poll included almost 200 participants from 20 cities across the country. The questions asked to all these participants included-: do you know someone with a tattoo? 70 percent of Phoenicians said they know somebody with a tattoo.

“I had a father who loved motorcycles, rock n roll and that’s how I got into it and seeing the tattoos made me want one,” says tattoo artist Kevin Leary.

As far as tattoos and tattoo designs are concerned it is said that the sky’s the limit. However, there are some words of wisdom when it comes to ink – like stay away from names!