It was a lovely saturday at the SS & A Albury auditorium where the Albury-Wodonga Tattoo Show was organized.

The show witnessed more than 1000 visitors.Some strutted their stuff on a catwalk, pitting tattoo against tattoo.

Others had themselves inked by tattoo artists in the centre of the bustling convention.

Wangaratta tattoo artist Josh Bartley was feeling overwhelmed with the reaction to tattoos not only for outsiders viewing them, but those having different tattoos on their own bodies.

Josh bartley termed this relationship as “kiss of death”.

Josh Bartley, of Twin Cities Tattoos (Wangaratta) said half of those who had the name of a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife branded on their body returned to his store with regrets.

He discourages people permanently branding their lover’s name and tells them to think twice about tattooing “dirty things” on their bodies.

“Never get people’s names, unless they’re family,” he said.

Gemma Thurlow proudly displayed her colourful arm sleeve tattoo, but she said her body art of Hindu and Buddhist gods had received mixed reactions in her home town of Corowa.