An Oklahoma car enthusiast and body art fan got his kicks on Route 66 alongwith his all 103 tattoos from the famous American highway plastered all over his body. Ron Jones, from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, turned his skin into a ‘walking billboard’ by transferring images of landmarks from the ‘Mother Road’ onto his chest, back, arms and legs.

Ron Jones pulled up in his red, white, and blue ’56 Chevy, only red, white, and blue one the reporter has ever seen. Ron says, “I’ve had the car for 36 years, and it was RWB when I got it.”

Ron has a unique affection for Route 66. He’s like a human billboard of Mother Road icons. Ron says, “My first tattoo was the Route 66 shield with part of the highway running through it. What the second was I couldn’t tell you, after you get so many you lose track.”

Ron says he couldn’t resist, everything else front, back, top to bottom is some memorable place on the Mother Road. Even has Mater from the Cars movies.

If he had to pick a favorite it’s the one of his car on his forearm. He hasn’t gotten a tattoo in a while, says he’s running out of exposable canvas to put another one. You can contact him to talk cars or Route 66, at