Tattoos filled the Three Rivers Convention Center in  Kennewick Friday and Saturday, and will continue to do so with artists  from throughout the West and as far away as Maine.

The event, which is in its second year, is expected to attract up to 6,000  people, said Heather Breymeyer, who is director of sales for the convention  center.

Rattlesnake Mountain Harley-Davidson in Kennewick is the main sponsor, and  Monarch Tattoo in downtown Kennewick is the technical adviser, Breymeyer  said.

Artists not only displayed their art, but performed it on the spot for dozens  of visitors who laid down both skin and upward of $100 an hour for the  services.

“The most popular tattoo is something that revolves around the Day of the  Dead,” said Jodi Griffin, a 45-year-old tattooist from Amarillo, Texas, who was  making his second trip to the Tri-City event in two years.

Tattooing has become a fine art and doing it with utmost  care for cleanliness is paramount. Some tattoos are cosmetic, both for the art of it and to cover skin  blemishes, scars and other tattoos. Many customers ask for tattoo cover-ups. “As tattooing becomes more popular people are making more bad decisions,”  Knucles said. Hence the need for cover-ups.

For more information, go to  Admission is $10.