An Australian man has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the sixth year in a row for being the most tattooed man in the world.

Geelong tattoo artist Lucky Diamond Rich has had his entire body covered in tattoos, not once, but twice. He has had his entire body (and he means entire) covered in tattoos, not once, but twice. After returning home from a trip to the U.S for a tattoo convention two weeks ago he started work at Jinxproof Tattoo Studio on Ryrie Street.Rich lives in Footscray with his wife, Melbourne print artist Alexi Keywan, and the pair is hoping to start a family soon. “I’d love if my kids got tattoos, because it would mean I’d get to do them,” the Geelong Advertiser quoted Rich as saying.

He said he has never been inhibited in any way by his physical appearance and was told by his parents as a child to do whatever made him happy.“I’ve lived like that since I was a little boy and have had a life beyond my wildest dreams,” Lucky said.  “I get to do the job I love and I get to do that for Geelong. I’ve always found towns just outside major cities always seem to have a real commitment to whatever they’re into, and I’ve found that with tattoos in Geelong.

“People seem to get bigger tattoos and it’s more socially acceptable,” he added. And with what Guinness World Records calls 200 per cent of his body tattooed, Lucky has certainly earned his title.