This month, Tattoo mogul Mario Barth rocks out the Meadowlands  with “Inked Out New Jersey,” a convention that will bring a potent mixture of  rock, art, entertainment and more to northern New Jersey.  The event is one  of the world’s largest skin and body modification conventions and takes place September 23-25, at Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ.

In addition, on Friday, Sept. 23, the tattoo convention will offer free  admission to all Fire Fighters, EMS, Police and Military with  credentials.  And, superstar Ice-T and his wife Coco will  make an appearance at the festival on Saturday, Sept. 24.

The convention is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the general  public to be tattooed by the world’s top artists from around the globe.   Industry icons from Japan and Samoa that are otherwise unavailable have  been flown in to New Jersey to work on convention goers.

Sponsors of Inked Out New Jersey include: Intenze Products, Starlight Tattoo,  Urban Ink, Rebel Ink and Skin & Ink.  For more information please visit


Mario Barth Enterprises is the premier international tattoo organization with  high-end tattoo studios, merchandise and the online supply company, Intenze™,  the leading tattoo pigment company.  The first OSHA approved tattoo studios  in the nation, Mario Barth’s Starlight Tattoos feature Barth’s revolutionary  Intenze™ inks.  CEO, inventor and celebrity tattoo artist Mario Barth has  an extraordinary clientele including: Usher, Sylvester  Stallone, Lenny  Kravitz, Tommy Lee and many others.